How To: make dripping street art

make dripping street art

In the world of instructional video, there are some videos that transcend debate.

Is there the intent to instruct? Is the idea simple and original? Is a step by step process articulated? Is the content revelatory?

Add some honestly contemporary music tracks. Sample George Bush and his occasional potty mouth. Strap restraint on top of that anarchy. And you have......The Graffiti Research Lab. Yum.

Some of you may recall the unnecessary scandal in January one year ago when the Cartoon Network hired a third party promotion group to make some 'viral' noise for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Well, it turns out the 'creative' behind the campaign was a wannabe who was plagiarizing GRL. The point of this entry is to point you towards an authentic source: a group whom others imitate.

The cultural imperialists will prevail.

Make dripping ink street art

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