How To: Spray paint a moon

Spray paint a moon

This is a simple video on spray painting a moon.

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that is insane dude... what kinda paint u used?

haha sorry seen your other vid... u used the crapy wal-mart spray paint :P

I've been looking for hours on how to make a good moon on a seal-skin drum I'm making & this was one of the best examples out there I found today for color, effect & your moon looks so realistic. Whatever paint you use, it is both wonderful, generous, & kind for you to share what you know with others. There are children that never get to know a thing about art, & through your generosity & kindness they now very quickly can learn a skill. It brings great joy to find your materials & show my son, who made me play it twice today because he right away also saw it empowered him instantly to do something new very well. Kids like to know how to do really neat things well, it develops self confidence. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge & creativity.

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