How To: Spray paint properly

Spray paint properly

Try to use the same brand of spray paint throughout the project, read the instructions, follow them. Different brands may have different instructions, this is why we advise against mixing brands. Begin by lightly sanding your project with 600 grit sand paper, anything lower can potentially scratch your project. Use a sturdy tape to cover the parts you want to leave unpainted. Use a very light coating of primer, sand it with 600 grit sand paper (lightly). To add 'special effects' to the job, use something patterned (in this case we use shelf liner) to cover the project and spray over it. There are also a variety of special effects paints out there, such as Clear-Effex and Metal Specks. When you are done, wet sand with 1100 then 1500 grit sand paper, put dish soap in a bowl of water to help lubricate, very LIGHTLY sand the project to smooth it out.

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