News: Etching Graffiti with Explosives

Etching Graffiti with Explosives

There's more than one way to make graffiti. Option 1: Use a paintball robot. Option 2: Make rainbows-on-the-go with a bicycle. Option 3: Use a hanger and a spray can to speed tag on the run. Option 4: Use an iPhone app and a projector to paint with light. Option 5. Do it with your eyes. 

Or... Option 6: Dynamite.

Above, street artist Aleandre Farto detonates plaster and brick to create large, "etched" urban murals. Music by Orelha Negra.

SOURCE Aleandre Farto VIA Boing Boing.

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What gorgeous piece's. I cant believe the kind of control he has with explosives.

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