How To: Draw wild style graffiti

Draw wild style graffiti

Street artist wackojacko54321 teaches you how to draw "wild style" graffiti. There is no definite technique or way of drawing wild style. Wackojacko54321's interpretation involves starting with a simple piece with connecting letters (of which he provides an example) and possibly arrows. Add more basic arrows and connections to unify the piece more. Connection points of the arrows are important. Attach them to the ends/corners of letters or other letters/connections. Spice it up with more advanced/complicated arrows, attaching them to letters or other arrows. You can add a 3-dimensional perspective to the piece if you want. It's optional, but it helps the piece look good. Fill in and outline the piece to finish off. There are many different ways of creating "wild style" graffiti with different rhythms and flows, and following wackojacko54321's personal and visual example, you'll be able to create your very own piece of modern art.

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